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→ Can the shape of your glass enhance the taste of the wine? | Life and style | The Guardian

thoughts for moving forward to internet research

So far I’ve looked at the logos and materials of disposable cups and everything surrounding cups which aren’t very substantial. while experimenting with mixing drinks in different glasses it make me want to investigate etiquette in glassware and why for example champagne is drank from a tall flute shaped glass, and tea from a pottery mug. in the books i found in the library i found small bits of information, but i feel that the internet would probably offer me much more if i looked in the right places.

i want to look into:

- the science behind the shape
- history of glass: design or function? 
- a pony glass?
- and not only wine or champagne but beer/lager/cider


going back to a document i found on disposable cups i thought’s have a look at the different type of plastics used in the production of cups. their chemical symbols are printed on most of the cups i collected, so there must be some kind of legislation on it. 

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Perfect wine lovers & beginners guide to wine, wine, wine!! Correct glass use and storing temps… pairings & more!


(Source: thewinelife)


NATIVE & TRUTH COFFEE team up to transform disposable coffee cups into herb containers, one takeaway caffeine fix at a time.

Seeds of Truth

Lovely idea @.@

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here i played around with the logo and the industrial marks underneath; i wanted to draw attention to them because i find them quite attractive. basically the functional part of the cup becomes the design element. i think the idea behind it was better than the outcome, i feel like the industrial marks are important but somehow this doesn’t work. it needs another outlet to represent it, maybe blowing it up to huge proportions, using the scanned images i could do that.